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here to stay? doug hill is here with the forecast. >> it is going to warm up. back to you, alison. no. temperatures are way below normal for this time in october. 36 in frederick, martinsburg 36. 53 right now reagan national. 52 degrees in fredericksburg. the thing is the average high temperature was 71. we spent the day 15 degrees or 20 degrees below average. we also have a little weather disturbance spreading west of interstate 81, bringing rain into the metro area. we will keep an eye on this because it very well may be much of the steady rain will state tv west and east -- will stay west and east of the city. temperatures will be falling tonight into the mid-40's. >> thanks for elaborating. you can go to our website to track the temperatures and rain or follow our weather team on twitter. doug will be back to show you where it's known today. >> all right. thank you. -- doug will be back to show you where it snowed today. >> all right. thank you. a boy was attacked by two pit bulls in germantown. what is the story? >> two strange but bulls showed up sometime last week. we are aware
are starting to pop out. doug hill is here with the details. we are all over the place. >> just some heavy rain showers. the upper air disturbances. then the showers popped up and the clearing trend will resume later. take a buck off to the west, very interesting looking sky. you can see some of those heavier popped showers developing. through bethesda and the river farther south, some very heavy downpours. everything moving to the northeast. east of that area, it is clearing out. a disturbance tomorrow could give us some cloudiness but even though it will be clear this evening, will -- warmer temperatures are going to win over the next five days. all of that will dissipate. we will have a few clouds by morning. i think you will like the seven day forecast. we will have you that -- have that for you in a minute. >> see you then. new developments tonight in the firebombing. the suspect appeared in federal court today, leon traille s judge but said nothing after throwing a molotov cocktail into the food court yesterday. greta kreuz is in the courtroom with the latest. >> first of all, everything
job. >> isn't that nice weather? >> it feels good outside. >> let's get right to doug hill and the weather center and. >> hey leon, alison. we see clouds and a cold front. there is the futurescan. there is one final line of showers we are keeping an eye on. one is moving through colombia and just east of montgomery county. we have these two areas moving off. over the next couple of hours all of this will move through. these guys will clear. it is verynow. 70 degrees in the nation's capital. once we see the showers clear out, 66 degrees, temperatures will drop closer to 60 degrees and we expect temperatures closer to 55 degrees tomorrow morning. we will have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. two police officers are accused of beating a university of maryland students. that beating was caught on tape. today the student at the center of the case took the stand. we are live from the courthouse with the latest. >> john mckenna did speak today really his first comments on the matter. he said he just wanted to go out and celebrate with friends. he said he was drinkin
. the weather is nice and cool outside. it's really fall. >> it's a great day out there doug. >> here is one of the hd weatherbug cameras out in march -- out in arlington. the latest color map shows wingood color developing for the fall foliage. 67 in washington, 64 in hagerstown. partially cloudy in the 50's. 64 at midday. partially sunny and breezy. clouds will be increasing, wind increasing out of the south and noticed the timing tremendous with showers between 6:00-8:00. all of this should be out of the picture by sunrise friday then back to sunshine breezy, mild temperatures with friday afternoon sunshine. sunny and mild early next week. check out lots of stuff always updated on, the on-line home of abc 7 mother and a blog about the days getting shorter another sign of a winter on the way. >> it's far enough away. >> thank you, doug. >> a big week coming up for the redskins. >> they were back on the field today to rehearse for the new york giants. they are talented. second in offense, third in scoring. these scans have kryptonite, -- skins have kryptonite rg3. >> he won the hei
turn to doug hill for the latest. what's the latest here is what is left of sandy is about 90 miles east, northeast of pittsburgh and moving off to the and it will be out of the picture totally over the next couple of days. for the moment, chilly and them. the future past gives us a good indication of the motion and the resultant flow of air that will continue to move along the trailing edge of the system as it moves out and it will provide a slow improvement with sunshine breaking through and more over the next few days. i would say it was a late december afternoon with the chilean misting rain out there. >> nothing like that damage, but now we have some cold air so our friends without power have to deal with that. here are the lingering showers right around us. there is one of the bands of what had been sandy moving to bangor maine. the snow continues right into parts of west virginia. overnights and i'd come it will be a cold one. this is really more like early january. the temperature, 43 degrees. as you mentioned, we will be drawing talent, but it will be chilly and you will ha
the money now. >> let's get back to doug hill for a quick check of parking sandy. >> the updated information from the hurricane center has said the as a minimal hurricane, a 75 m.p.h. wind, and the track takes it to the north, getting weaker, intensifying back into a hurricane, turning left into the coast. this is a center line of the cone of possibilities. the center of the circulation of this future hybrid storm will be somewhere between the hamptons in the long island all the way to duck, north carolina. this is the centerline of the cone, just north of ocean city and rehoboth, moving slowly. rain, wind, power outages, and floods all possibilities if this develops according to the computer models. tomorrow is a good preparation day. the bulk of the storm develops later monday, through the day tuesday, with heavy wind and rain. >> we will continue to follow sandy's track at how people are preparing for this unusual october storm. at 6:00, from annapolis to alexandria and d.c., more of the preparations and concerns. >> 200 snowplows hit the streets in prince toward discounting. no, this is
revoked all of his powers as a police officer right now. >> as promised bob and doug, some 80's outside. >> from the belfort furre weather center, it is still 80 degrees right now in the city and it will stay monday through the evening hours, as well -- it will stay muggy. it will be muggy for a day or so much cooler by the weekend. 81 in frederick, 85 in fredericksburg. temperatures dropping into the 70's. we will have more, coming up in just a few minutes aliso >> tonight the first presidential debate 2012 starts in just a few hours, and we are joined from the site of the debate in denver. hi. >> tonight's debate focuses on domestic issues, including the economy. 90 minutes. it is a high-stakes showdown. tonight, president obama and mitt romney finally stepped in to the same -- step into the same ring, the president preparing for tough questions about the struggling economy and why he deserves a second term. analysts say the focus -- >> i think the president is all about his mannerisms and style at this point. he cannot come across as irritable or impatient. >> the mitt romney's camp
at 5 with leon harris, alison starling doug hill. >> police are finally putting a face with a man believed to be behind 5 attacks in springfield. police released this composite sketch of the suspect today. residents are protecting themselves. >> people in this neighborhood are looking over their shoulders. police arrived here passing out this poster. they want everyone in this neighborhood to take a very close look at this sketch of their suspect. women walking along this road in springfield for making sure they walk in groups. >> we are going walking. today, i was afraid of going today. >> this is a composite sketch released today of the man that has this neighborhood on edge. police say the five women from 15-40-years old have been victims. >> i had my purse and my hand, she says. he could have easily taken it, but instead, he described to me. -- he just grabbed me. today, we shall the schedule of the suspect to people who live in a neighborhood. -- we showed the sketch of the suspect to people who live in the neighborhood. they were happy to see this sketch but they want him ca
. >> get ready for the return of some hot weather. the changing forecast with doug. >> the rain has been the story. no rain right now, just dampen cloudy and 67 degrees. some heavy showers and downpours ,ontinue well to the self of us potomac river -- well to the south of us. of damp outust kin there were no major precipitation. from here on out through the various amounts of rain and drizzle. midnight, over 3 inches of germantown, 2.14 inches chantilly. reagan national has less than of 1 inch of rain. , theyt lexington park got underneath the warm degrees in st. mary's county. dense fog could affect early morning drivers. heat,l talk about the coming up. >> it has been 10 years since shootings in the metro area. greta, that brings back a lot of memories. >> absolutely. here in the parking garage of in falls church where linda franklin was shot death the evening of october 14. she was here shopping with her husband. that is why this is so terrifying, because this was random. a mother vacuuming out her car, gasn pumping gas at a station. all were killed several others wounded. weeks, the
for question seven. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling, doug hill weather and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> we are back now with a spike in violent crime for people in one district neighborhood. >> more than six people have been shot in the area of new york avenue and north capitol street. people are asking for stepped-up police patrols. >> we just actually saw stepped up police patrols. when you have so many people shot in such a precise location like this one behind me, in such a short amount of time, residents are obviously on edge. >> gunfire broke out here on two nights in one week. a total of six people have been shot including a 14-year-old girl. >> first i heard gunshots and then there were five gunshots. >> she lives just to round the corner. >> i have a 16-year-old daughter who i cherish more than life itself, and i am very, very concerned. >> in front of this market, at d.c. police say of 52-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman were struck by bullets. were they intended targets or innocent bystanders? police said
chilly night. doug hill has the first check of the forecast. >> a freeze watch posted tomorrow night. 61 degrees and clear skies. spectacular day, temperatures at national park, at 60 degrees. temperatures continue to hold below average for this time of october. 59 degrees in gaithersburg, 61 degrees in manassas, 61 degrees such reagan national airport. temperatures will drop into the upper 50's shortly. later this evening, lower 50's. chilly temperatures in the morning, 37-47 degrees. more details on this shale. the coldest air of the season tomorrow night. >> fire severely damaged a church. the clear case of arson, flames and smoke raced through the atomic baptist church yesterday morning. -- potomac baptist church yesterday morning. >> whether this was a random act or someone deliberately targeted this church, we do know is there is some real severe damage. you can see some of it on the outside, but the bulk of its is smoke damage on the interior. inside the church, a cleanup crew scrubs soot from walls. >> we have enough problems everywhere in this world. >> under the cover of darkne
some thunder during night. chief meteorologist doug hill has what we can expect. >> 68 degrees outside the belfort furniture weather center. when the rooftop camera, breaking through the clouds, but cloudy skies through evening. front approaching from west. mild temperatures, 70 degrees manassas, 68 waldorf, 69 bethesda. patchy rain northwest of richmond, moving in our direction. ahead of the cold front coming the heavier downpours and thunderstorms. it will be after 8:00 when they they survive the trip. later tonight and overnight, thunderstorms, 58 in the morning. the forecast coming up. >> don't forget to check the on, and of the weather with watch seven app. >> from fairfax county, a major crime.wn on fairfax county police have arrested more than 100 people for various charges. horace holmes is live in fairfax with the story. >> they have taken everything drugs to counterfeit dvd's, process the police say prevented some serious crimes. the police went out again this to round up suspects and this 10-month in crackdown. anthony was getting his hair cut to the dollar store wh
in with doug hill about how long this weather is going to last. >> a little while. we have no major changes in temperatures or storm warnings anytime soon. we're looking live across the city. spectacular weather, a little on the cool side. our numbers are running significantly below the average of 68. we do have a rather stiff breeze adding a chill in the air. later tonight the breeze will diminish, but it's the same time, temperatures will drop. in fact, they will drop into the 50's after sunset. overnight, expect temperatures between 40-50 degrees. a little spring feeling in the air. all kinds of things you will in joy in the seven-day outlook. >> a woman was found dead in her home and tonight fairfax county police have the brother in custody. police are trying to determine a motive for the murder. candace gibson has the details for us. >> fairfax county police officers remain at the scene of this homicide at the end of the cul-de-sac behind me. as you mentioned, a woman is dead and someone she knew very well is accused of killing her. >> the person who called police had a simple message
? is some rain moving in? doug is here with the details. >> right now, just a few light showers west of the metro area, but tomorrow, the temperatures and the chances of rain increase. some of this front will not reach the ground. it will be very, very light. better chances of rain come overnight tomorrow as a storm center two hours southwest will make a move. in the next 36-42 hours we will get rain isolated thunderstorms are possible as well. 71 with cloudy skies in the nation's capital. isolated showers overnight, and then tomorrow, rain will be likely around the area. big changes this weekend. a lot to highlight in just a couple of minutes. >> we will see you then. prince george's county police are asking for the public's helps in getting a robbery suspect. this is in riverdale at about 5:30 p.m. on friday. police say they asked the man for a cigarette. one of them punched the man in the face and then took his wallet. >> officials are trying to figure out what sparked of flame that started yesterday evening in an apartment building on military place. today, residents tried to gat
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14